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Download Workshop Manuals for Fords, Jaguars, Volvos & More. K4 Movies Recommended for you. The BRDM-2 primarily served as an armored scout car with the Soviet Army during the height of the Cold War. BRDM-2 is a Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle. Purchasable from the shop for 30,000. The BRDM-2 is an amphibious armoured scout vehicle featured in ArmA: Cold War Assault, ArmA: Armed Assault and ArmA 2.

Many variants were created out of the BRDM-2, such as the Polish BRDM-2M-96 and the Ukrainian BRDM-2D. It was also known under the brdm-2 tech manual en brdm-2 tech manual en designations BTR-40PB, BTR-40P-2 and GAZ 41-08. The heavy machine brdm-2 gun penetrates 32 mm of steel armor at a range of 500 m. Madone brdm-2 tech manual en assembly manual- english (. BRDM-2 Tech Manual En - Free download as PDF File (. Media in category "BRDM-2" The following 101 files are in this category, out of 101 total. The BRDM-2 was intended to replace the earlier BRDM-1 with a vehicle that had improved amphibious capabilities and better armament.

DELL™ OPTIPLEX™ 7010 TECHNICAL GUIDEBOOK VER1. BRDM-2 armed with 23 mm gun with top handle and cylindrical flash eliminator instead of 14. BRDM-2 armed with ZPU-2 twin 14. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 5 brdm-2 tech manual en mm antiaircraft heavy machine guns instead of a turret.

BRDM-2 stands for Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya tech Mashina tech which translates to Combat brdm-2 tech manual en Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle. It was first brdm-2 seen in brdm-2 tech manual en 1966 and by the mid-1980s was rapidly replacing the BRDM tech I in the Soviet and Warsaw Pact armies. It was used for several years until it was completely replaced by the BRDM-2. Workshop manuals are a series of practical repair manuals and service manuals, which are the same essential industry standard software as used by the dealerships around the world, covering repairs, service schedules, maintenance, wiring diagrams and diagnostics. The spare parts to the Bardak can only be find in certain lvl 3 bandit camps. Wikipédia en Français Caractéristiques générales Équipage 3 Longueur 5,70 m Largeur 2,25 m.

The BRDM-2 is an amphibious armoured brdm-2 tech manual en patrol car used brdm-2 tech manual en by Russia and the former Soviet Union - English. Cross country capacity: High, can be used on water. As noted under the description above, elevation and traverse controls for the BRDM-2 are manual. Pre-Update 30 brdm-2 tech manual en - vN/A. the technical functioning of the site requires some essential.

5 Gallery 2 ArmA: Armed Assault 2. Goes through any terrain, absolutely any. It is armed with a 14. BRDM-2 R-1A; BRDM-2 R-5-komandno vozilo sa R-130, R-123M, R-323 i R-870M radio-aparatima, dve antene ukrštene i AZI antenom. Armament: Kalashnikov machine gun with 7.

They were received by the CAR’s tech defence brdm-2 minister, minister of internal brdm-2 affairs, military representatives and the Russian ambassador. Manuals & Guides Parts & Accessories Online NissanConnect Nissan Service Nissan Navigation Store Collision Assistance Nissan Finance Portal Snug Kids Nissan Visa Credit Card Toggle About menu About News & Events Nissan Rental Car Program Nissan Intelligent Mobility Certified Pre-Owned Local brdm-2 tech manual en Nissan Offers Toggle Business & Fleet menu Business. Тачанка едет на tech войну! Added "locking" mechanism to BRDM-2. She was a direct replacement to the limited BRDM-1 scout car series and, like many of the Soviet Cold War offerings, the newer BRDM-2 proved a cheap yet still capable system, making it a popular export brdm-2 product the world over.

And the main thing. The BRDM-2U is a command variant of the BRDM-2 Scout Car used by the Warsaw Pact. The BRDM-2, like all of the Soviet brdm-2 tech manual en Union&39;s vehicles, tech was exported to many Communist-aligned countries.

64x54 mm cartridges. The BRDM-2 was adopted as the standard brdm-2 tech manual en armored patrol car of the Soviet brdm-2 tech manual en Army from late 1962 to 1991, replacing its predecessor the BRDM-1. " Armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle.

The event was dedicated to the liberation of Crimea from fascists. The BRDM-2 brdm-2 tech manual en series, with maximum armor of 14 mm (Chrome Vanadium), can be penetrated by heavy artillery. New Vehicle: BRDM-2 BRDM-2 can only be brdm-2 called in as a special Care Package using the Flare Gun on all maps and it replaces the armored UAZ. It was intended to replace brdm-2 tech manual en BRDM-1 with better amphibious capabilities and better armament. Also the hull has been stretched. 5mm KPVT turret and a coaxial PKT machine gun BRDM-2 Unarmed Transport/logistics variant, has no weapons, but carries up to 4 ammoboxes. The default movement keys are UP ARROW / DOWN ARROW for elevation and depression respectively, and LEFT ARROW / RIGHT ARROW for left and right traverse.

Russia has delivered ten BRDM-2 armoured vehicles to the Central African brdm-2 tech manual en Republic (CAR), with another ten expected to be delivered soon. The BRDM-2 is powered by a GAZ-41 petrol engine, developing 140 horsepower. Technical manual for the BRDM-2 Amphibious vehicle Technical manual for the BRDM-2 Amphibious vehicle.

It was designed to be used as a scout car brdm-2 tech manual en by the Soviet Union. Off-Road | Mercedes-Benz, Tatra, ZIL 131, Praga, brdm-2 GAZ 66, IFA, Unimog Truck Trial Oberottendorf - Duration: 13:22. Like the earlier BRDM, the BRDM-2 is a fully armored, four-wheel drive, amphibious reconnaissance vehicle with two pairs of belly wheels brdm-2 tech manual en and a centralized tire pressure regulation system for. The BRDM-2 is driven by a rear-mounted gasoline engine that also supplies power to a waterjet for amphibious travel.

Production continued until 1966 when it was completely replaced on production lines by the BRDM-2. The BRDM-2 (Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle) also brdm-2 tech manual en known as a BTR-40PB, BTR-40P-2 and GAZ 41-08 is an amphibious armored scout car used by Russia and the former Soviet Union. - Technical condition varies in each vehicle - 5 vehicles available Technical condition: incomplete cabin equipment, dashboard, engine (rotates), carburettor; The gearbox, the auxiliar gearbox and the brdm-2 gimbals are complete; The tyres are in worse condition. BRDM-2 armoured scout cars also were used during either Six-Day War (1967), War of Attrition (1968–1970) or Yom Kippur War (1973) by either Egypt or Syria.

The vehicle also has R-123 radio and tech an antenna on the right hand side of the hull next to the commander&39;s hatch, for communication. The BRDM-2 uses a complete turret of the BTR-60PB armored personnel carrier. 5 mm heavy machine gun and coaxial 7. Hungary also used BRDM-1 and designed its own armoured scout brdm-2 tech manual en car based on BRDM-1, FUG. It weighs 7 tonnes, has a 5. BRDM-2 BRDM-2 brdm-2 tech manual en The BRDM-2 is an armored patrol car used by Russia and before that the Soviet Union. The BRDM-2 has an IR spotlight and four IR driving lights, as well as an over pressure collective NBC filter system. Only teammates will be able to enter BRDM-2.

PDF 620 kb) Trek speed Concept service manual - english (. It was developed in the late 1950&39;s to brdm-2 provide Soviet forces with an armored and amphibious reconnaissance vehicle. See Also Wikipedia: BRDM-2. 5 heavy DShK machine gun.

The first batch arrived in Bangui on 15 October aboard a Russian Air Force Anairlifter. Literature Library | brdm-2 tech manual en Rockwell Automation. It has brdm-2 tech manual en been exported extensively and is in use in at least 38 countries. " Found in the city Leningrad, in the military base-Garage. brdm-2 tech manual en The armor can brdm-2 tech manual en withstand small arms fire and artillery fragments. brdm-2 tech manual en BRDM-2D ili tech BTRD-2SMD - unapređena verzija sa SMD-21-08 dizel-motorom od 145 konjskih snaga.

0 Connectors (2) 2. Dodatni točkovi su uklonjeni i dodati su otvori sa strane. It is one of the cheaper armed command units in Wargame: AirLand Battle, offering a bit more protection than the UAZ-469B. It was intended to be used for fire support. The construction had its flaws like thin armour that wouldn’t stop anything except machine gun fire. Activists of Russia’s Military-Technical Society crossed the Kerch Strait in two BRDM-2 amphibious armored personnel carriers on July 23.

Specifications Alternative Designations: GAZ 41-08: Date of brdm-2 tech manual en Introduction: 1963: Proliferation: At least 45 countries: Description : Crew: 4:. It consumes 40 liters of 92 octane gasoline every 100 kilometers. Czechoslovakia used BRDM-1 obr. txt) or read online for free. The BRDM-1 is an early Cold War era reconnaissance vehicle of Soviet origin. 62 mm PKT brdm-2 tech manual en coaxial general-purpose machine gun. brdm-2 tech manual en BRDM-2 Armed Basic recon variant, equipped with a 14. In Project Reality, the BRDM-2 is a scout car with anti-infantry capabilities used by the Middle Eastern Coalition, Militia, and Russia factions.

During one of these conflicts Israel managed to capture a number of BRDM-2 armoured cars. 5 mm KPV heavy machine gun and brdm-2 tech manual en a 7. It was used in large numbers until it was supplemented and eventually replaced by the improved BRDM-2. When all teammates exit the BRDM-2, it will unlock, allowing any player to enter.

BRDM-2 (BTR-40P-2) Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle. BRDM-2 — Un BRDM 2 irakien au Musée national de l brdm-2 tech manual en infanterie des États Unis, à Fort Benning brdm-2 tech manual en Caractéristiques générales Équipage 4 Longueur 5,75 m Largeur. JPG 1,082 × 790; 108 KB. Kurjak - Yugoimport SDPR unaprijeđena verzija.

The BRDM-2 also is known as BTR-40P-2 or BTR-40PB (hence also BTR-40P-2rkh or BTR-40PB-rkh, etc. 1 ArmA: Cold War Assault 1. Its variant is the Czechoslovak OT-65A Vydra and the BRDM-2 requires the BRDM-1 to unlock. 62 mm machine gun. The IR spotlight is located on top of the commander&39;s periscope. BRDM-2 Tech Manual En - Free download as PDF File (. “A little more about the thing itself.

BRDM-1 entered service with Soviet Army in 1957. BRDM-2 had amphibious capabilities and 2 pairs of movable auxiliary wheels like its predecessor. Russian soldiers call it a "Bardak".

It has a crew of four, a driver, co-driver, commander, and gunner. The new features included the BPU-1 turret with KPVT heavy machine gun and a lot of modern equipment like night vision periscopes. It’s an amphibious vehicle, which has a winch and a water cannon.

5 liter engine and 140 horsepowers. Available to Warsaw Pact, the BRDM-2 is a Soviet armored recon vehicle. pdf), Text File (. 9 mb) Lync consumer manual- english (. The BRDM-2 has also seen service with Iraqi Army during the brdm-2 tech manual en Gulf War and invasion of Iraq. 2 5 DESKTOP COMPUTER (DT) VIEW brdm-2 tech manual en BACK VIEW 9 Padlock Ring 13 Expansion Card SlotsKensington / Noble brdm-2 tech manual en Security Cable Slot 14 Power Supply Diagnostic Light 11 Power Connectors 15 Power Supply Diagnostic Button 1 2 Back Panel Connectors FRONT VIEW 1 Optical Drive 5 USB 3.

It&39;s armed with a 14.

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